Become a member

Your membership goes to the establishment of cooperative farms, where we work to ensure more life in the soil, increase biodiversity, plant more trees, ensure clean drinking water – and produce healthier food. All so that our children and grandchildren have a better future with access to fresh air, farm life and a lot of common activities.

Simply enter your name and address, choose a password and go for payment. After this, you are a member of Andelsgaarde and thus a farm owner. You will automatically be deducted DKK 150 per month via either debit card or MobilePay. As the association is based on some long-term investments and otherwise seeks to reduce all administration, the membership is binding for 1 year from the registered registration date. After this, resignation can be made in writing to the association at

Company membership

Does your company want to support Andelsgaarde? Then sign up for a company membership.

With the membership, you will support Andelsgaarde work to acquire, lease or otherwise cooperate on cultivating the Danish agricultural land in a sustainable way and thereby strengthen the climate, biodiversity and drinking water quality in Denmark.

You will receive Andelsgaarde membership letter, which is sent out 6-12 times a year, just as your employees can participate in all Andelsgaarde events, e.g tree plantings, open houses, farm walks.

In addition, you will receive our support logo for use on, for example, the website or in the e-mail signature.

Price per. year: 12,000 DKK, incl. VAT*
Membership is paid once a year.

Do you want to support with larger amounts? Read more about donations here
* With a company membership, your company has one vote at Andelsgaarde general meetings on equal terms with private members. If you wish to give your employees individual memberships, these memberships must be signed in the name of each individual employee.