Are you a company, institution or foundation with ambitions for sustainability? Or an individual who wants to help with more than just a membership?

For companies

You can make a world of difference

As a business partner with Andelsgaarde, you as a company, organisation or foundation can make a concrete difference in relation to the climate and biodiversity crisis.

The goal is to establish farms across the country where vegetables are grown on 50% of the land, while 50% is set aside for biodiversity enhancement through forest farming, establishing forest or natural meadows areas.

The partnerships are based on mutual trust and include different elements of cooperation – donations, services such as lectures for your company or in the field with us.

We tailor a partnership to the needs and wishes of your company. When you partner with Andelsgaarde, you help push the green transition where it matters most. Agriculture accounts for between 20 and 40% of Denmark’s total climate-damaging emissions, depending on which sources you look at.

As a CSR partner with Andelsgaarde, all company employees have the opportunity to e.g:

  • Take a course in how to grow vegetables for their own use.
  • Receive visits and lectures from our stewards at the company on the green food of the future.
  • Attend exciting Andelsgaarde talks on increasing biodiversity and regenerative farming for the future.
  • Participate in harvest celebrations with all of Andelsgaarde’s many members and other sponsors.
  • Help plant trees.

Contact our Association Director for further discussion of a partnership agreement:

We look forward to hearing from you.

For individuals

All donations to Andelsgaarde go unrestricted to purchasing land and biodiversity measures.This can be the planting of biodiversity forest, windbreaks, birdhouses and forest farming.

You can donate in several ways:

Donate via Mobilepay to Andelsgaarde on 18013

Donate to Andelsgaarde’s account at Merkur Andelskasse at registration and account no: 8401 1524059

If you donate to Andelsgaarde, please write “Donation” and your full name. It is always nice to know who we should send a kind thought to!

Can I leave my fortune or my farm to Andelsgaarde?

Yes, you can bequeath both your fortune and your farm to Andelsgaarde. In this way, you help to secure habitats for plants and animals. You also help young, educated farmers get started so they do not have to get into debt. If you would like to make a bequest to Andelsgaarde, please contact our association director and he can put you in touch with our lawyer.